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Korea University of Technology & Education / Human Resources Develpment Institute

Trainning to produce HR dedicated to the work-based learning system

What is a work-based learning system?

It refers to a system in which companies hire young job hunters as employees (student workers) to provide systematic educational training on the job in collaboration with educational institutes such as schools. Upon completion of the educational training, they will be evaluated and recognized for their competency in the form of certificates issued by the government (or in the form of degrees issued by the collaborating schools).


Training Objective

This course is designed to help improve practical job competencies that are required for the general operation and evaluation of field training, administrative work, and understanding of work that is necessary for the successful operation of a work-based learning system. The target students are the HRD specialists and in-house field instructors from companies that are participating in a work-based learning system.

Training Summary

Course Education for corporate field instructors and HRD specialists
Target students One of each designated among the HRD specialists and field instructors from the participating companies
Education methods Blended (BL) operation (online education + team education)
Education program Compiled of subjects with a special focus on the practices that are necessary for better job performance skills in human resources
Education venues (team) Carried out in major regions nationwide


Name of the course Education content
Training for the production of
corporate field instructors
Summary of the work-based learning system, role of the corporate field instructor, Understand and make plans for a work-based learning system, understand field training and develop study tools, evaluation of field training, field practical teaching methods, student worker coaching skills
Training for the production of
HRD specialists
Understand the work-based learning system, understand administrative support procedures, and manage student worker HR tasks