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Korea University of Technology & Education / Human Resources Develpment Institute

HRD Training Program

HRD Training Program

To foster professional engineers in three(3) next-generation growth engine fields and seventeen (17) new growth engine industry subject, Human Resources Development Center for New Growth Engine Industry has been established, And roadmap for, modem educational facilities, equipment and educational course was developed. In particular, the education and training courses have expanded to digital broadcasting / next-generation mobile communication for leading field human resources development managers and corporate employees, artificial robot / future automobile and display / nextgeneration semiconductor industry.

Key of education courses
Key of education courses
Category Course
HRD Training Strategic Planning Specialist
Stress Management
Effective Time Management
Servant leadership
Coaching leadership
Presentation expert
Career counseling Career guidance and counseling
Excellent Teaching Method
Digital Storytelling

1. Customized onsite organized learning consulting ( System + innovative education )

Provides high quality solutions to satisfy the on-site needs of the client

2. Process of Organized Learning

Process of Organized Learning

Planning & Presentation Training Courses

Fostering presentation specialists, Fostering professional strategic planners. One page Proposal

Key of education courses
  • Fostering strategic planning professionals l Defining planning and process l Determining planning direction and needs analysis l Defining the planning subjects and concept development l Writing planning reports
  • One Page Proposal l The importance of One Page Proposals and preparation l Roadmap of the one page proposal l Structuring resources for the one page proposal l Writing a one page proposal and revision
  • Fostering presentation specialists l presentation design l emotional visual materials l effective dialogue, behavior and Q&A in a presentation l Repetitive training and professional evaluation