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Korea University of Technology & Education / Human Resources Develpment Institute

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A Partner in realizing a competency-centric society, HRDI produces the best field-oriented specialists.

Over its relatively short history, HRDI has demonstrated remarkable advances both in terms of the quality and quantity of our graduates. Our growth has been substantiated by the amazing changes the students have made after completing their training courses at our institute. HRDI is committed to fulfilling our roles as a globalized special training institute that meets the demands of education consumers and industries, while contributing to the formation of a competency-centric society.

HRDI-A Partner in the Realization of a Competency-centric Society

A partner in the realization of a competency-centric society, KOREATECH Human Resources Development Institute helps students to chart their future career path and proactively explore and develop their abilities in accordance with their dreams, aptitudes, and needs. Standing at the threshold of the 21st century, our society is calling for us to move beyond the academic-centric society to enter a competency-centric society so that we can build a true knowledge-based society on the level of an advanced country. To meet the demands of our time, HRDI remains committed to fulfilling our role as the educational institute specializing in vocational competency development training that will contribute to stronger ational competitiveness in terms of industrial development through various customized and consumer-oriented training programs that set us apart from all others. The entire faculty of HRDI, including myself, welcomes our students with warm hearts. You can rest assured that we will do our best to satisfy your expectations of a practical education