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Korea University of Technology & Education / Human Resources Develpment Institute

Org. Chart


  • Dean
  • Training Affairs Team
  • New Technology Educational Development Team
  • Advanced Training Media R&D center

Work Responsibility of Department

Wrok Responsibility of Department
Center Function
Administrative Center - Setting up of institution development plans and the preparation of budgets
- Setting up and control of educational training plan
- Demand research and comprehensive evaluation of educational training courses
- Industry-University cooperation and international educational project
- Setting up and manage of vocational education information
- Public relations of Institution and setting up &management of a conference
- Fund management of Institution
- Management rules of institution
- Establishment and operation of textbook publishing plan
- Other general management affairs
- Operation of educational training courses
- Registration, entrance and graduation for education trainers
- Operation and management of register and educational matters
- Facilities operation of institution
- The facts of other educational operation
Technical Program R&D Center - Lectures and teaching techniques, lesson plans development
- Development of educational training program and textbook
- Operation and management of teaching tools
 (including experimental and Practical equipments)
- Lecture support and education evaluation
- Investment and research of ability development